When this war is over
the world will live in peace,
an uneasy peace
possible only just past
a massive flash of violence
making everyone take
a sad step back and say,
"oh my god what have we begun?"

We will be shocked
slack-jawed and awed
at the way we lit the world aflame
one cruise missile at a time
like a thousand matches flicked
on a dry straw pile
ringed by burning oil-soaked sand
and smoldering heaps of humanity
locked in unity against us.

When this war is over,
the Bush Boys better have the goods,
I want to see VX and Anthrax and
germs of all sorts.
I want to see blueprints and plans
photos of American land
and crystal clear dots connected
by deep lines in the sand leading
all the way back to Baghdad.

When this war is over,
I'm going to watch the Iraqi people
gag as they take their
first for feeding of the Bush Boy's
recipe for happiness
right-wing American style.

We're gonna make them just like us
frightened, divided and viscious.

We're gonna make them think like us,
gotta earn, gotta spend, gotta own,
gotta lie, gotta cheat, gotta steal,
gotta feel this world is here for
nothing and no one but you.

We're gonna make them feel like us,
over-worked, underpaid and frantic,
spiritually shattered from our
scatter brained train of thought
that keeps the lie alive
that a few can have a lot
and those who have not
must learn to swim
or we can let them sink,
this is how our leaders think
you liberated Iraqi people
and this is how they'll rule you too
you've become our fifty-first state
and look at our list of
locations and fates for

may Allah bless and
protect us all
through the terror war.