I read your article with considerable interest. I am a Miami County democrat who believes that there was probably considerable fraud in the election. But your article has some incorrect information about the Miami County election results. Your critics will try to use the bad info to repudiate your entire article.

I was in the Miami County Board of Elections most of the evening on November 2. We have a small family company that developed and hosts the website for the Miami County Board of Elections. I always post election results on the website. I was at the Board waiting for the final results. I watched as Steve Quillen, the Board Director, put floppy disks that he had taken from the tabulating computer and put them into the reporting computer. He did this at about 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% of the count. Each time he added more votes, he generated a paper report which was duplicated and passed out to reporters waiting in the hall outside. I looked at each of the reports. When the final one came out about midnight, we copied the report file onto my floppy disk. I came home and immediately posted it to the website. The page is still on our website exactly as it was shortly after midnight at . No one has access to this computer but me.

The reason for the confusion is probably due to the fact that absentee ballots were counted during the day on Tuesday and the count was placed in the individual precincts of the absentee voters. As a result each of the reports, even the 20% report said at the top "82 out of 82" (precincts). The report you saw the following morning at 9:00 was probably either the 60% or the 80% report.

If there was fraud in Miami County (and I have no reason to believe that there was any), it had to be in the tabulation, not the reporting. As you can see on the website all of the votes, including the 19,000, were included in the midnight report. They were not reported after 9:00 am the following day.

I'm not sure how clear this is, but feel free to call if you have any additional questions. Keep up the good work!

Roger Kearney
Rhombus Technologies, Ltd.