23 January 2014
Every night gunshots lullaby me to sleep

In ruins of abandoned buildings

the broken glass is

where we bottle up all our

broken dreams. . . .

Hold the dream with me, as it breaks...
17 January 2014
Pundits often speculate on the price of American foreign policy. They often wonder what the cost of maintaining the nation's good image abroad might be. Thanks to a recent AP report, there may now be the beginnings of a metric to measure...
22 December 2013
Job Title: Field Organizer - SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH
Location: Columbus OH and Huntington WV (positions available throughout WV, KY, OH)
Apply for this job here:
22 April 2013
Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, the 2012 Green Party presidential and vice-presidential nominees, marked the beginning of Earth Week by announcing a new Green Shadow Cabinet that will serve as an independent voice in U.S. politics,...
08 April 2013
Veterans For Peace has once again teamed up with March Forward to bring the Our Lives Our Rights campaign to active duty Gis facing deployment to Afghanistan. Since Monday, Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans—including active-duty...
15 September 2009
Jim Crow America: A Documentary History
Catherine M. Lewis and J. Richard Lewis, eds.
University of Arkansas Press 2009
234 pp
Annotated Bibliography and Index

If slavery was the most pernicious chapter...


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