19 February 2003
Call for contacting the Governor on February 19!!

Don't let Johnny Byrd be killed in vain! Remind Gov. Taft that we, the people of Ohio, do not believe in the death penalty and we will NOT FORGET that he killed an innocent...
11 February 2003
Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):

Dr. Jeffrey W. Runge

President George W. Bush

Below is the sample letter:

What's At Stake:

President Bush's "clean" car...
07 February 2003
The Art for Parks Committee has issued an open call to Ohio Artists to create art for pocket parks in Columbus' Short North district.

The Short North is one of Central Ohio's most vibrant arts-oriented retail and residential...
26 January 2003
Thirty-three million people - including 13 million children - live in households that are hungry or at risk of hunger. They cannot wait. Letters to congress are needed immediately to urge them to improve and strengthen the Temporary...
19 January 2003
Redhorse is charged with "ENGAGING IN UNAUTHORIZED GROUP ACTIVITY"AS SET FORTH IN 520-9-37 OF THE Admin code Sec.-2-A,B,C.

Anthony Redhorse Driscoll is an Indian Prisoner held in the 'HOLE' at the London, Ohio Correctional...
19 January 2003
Buddy's Carpet has been running radio ads for the show.

Please call expressing your disappointment that they would support the abuse of animals and that you wouldn't be buying any carpet from them.

Until they...


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