Newly-elected members of the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee assembled outside Ohio Democratic Headquarters on April 20.
22 April 2016

The air crackled with anticipation on Wednesday evening as newly-elected members of the Franklin County Democratic Party (FCDP) Central Committee gathered outside Ohio Democratic Party headquarters. In a few minutes they would join a...

11 April 2016


The Democratic party is teetering on the brink.  The green/peace/social justice community needs a Plan C.  The Republicans have one.  The Democrats don’t.  The impacts could be catastrophic.  



$15 minimum wage supporters at Columbus City Hall.
08 April 2016

On April 4, the same day that California and New York State raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour, supporters from grassroots organizations spoke in Columbus City Hall to remind City Council members of  their...

06 April 2016
Streisand supports Clinton with unwarranted grievance

n her essay “Sexism in American Politics,”...

14 March 2016


Like it or not, Bernie and The Donald are connected for the rest of this race and, in the bigger picture, for history. Talking heads link them by accusing Bernie's supporters of being cut from The Donald's supporters...

29 February 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- While the U.S. alliance with Thailand suffers
strains after Bangkok's 2014 coup, Russia has delivered combat
helicopters to the military regime and now wants to provide tanks,


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