20 June 2015

The cries for the death of the Charleston murderer are already mounting.  
But we can do better.  
One would expect in this country that the government will seek to kill this twisted young man for his...

Cartoon of police holding man on ground
16 April 2015

Once upon a time if you were stopped by the police, and for whatever reason, found yourself being the victim of police brutality, even with witnesses, you would lose in a court of law based on the “word” of the police officer(...

Dale Phillips with arm in sling from tendon injury
16 April 2015

Are innocent citizens pulled over, beaten and arrested by Columbus Police?
  Meet Dale Phillips. He claims he was roughed up, thrown to the ground, maced directly into his eyeballs and violently assaulted resulting in a...

01 April 2015

“The basic principle of parole is that while people must be punished for their wrongdoing, most are capable of growing, changing and rejoining society before the end of their sentence…. The difficult job of determining when...

17 March 2015

During a press conference on Monday, March 16, Siddique Hasan announced  that a hunger strike was underway at the Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP). Hasan had called in to the press conference from a phone within OSP, also known...

28 February 2015

What an honor to be in Cuba for the first celebration of One Billion Rising!

150 of us from the United States had travelled to Cuba with CODEPINK: Women for Peace in the largest delegation of Americans to visit Cuba since the...


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