07 July 2014

02 March 2014

Twisted thoughts madden my soul while on my own

Sporadic in its approach spun in my head bursting with

Emotions, raging fire strikes at my heart in wreckage

I cannot escape being felt yet I wish, to which magnitude...

13 February 2014

In the star studded nightfall memoirs of me look intently

Your heart was out there blowing in the breeze of

The Spring, how have you become forlorn to picture

The Summer heated the...

26 January 2014

A flowing sensation on my mind waves a rising

To poems, awake to hear human heart beating,

Making it out of being, trance, agony and bliss

The shape of heart rejoices, shudders to...

03 January 2014

If my moans made your core showery

I'd roar more over day and night

It heals a muster of my anguish

All I know you cannot sojourn

On cloud nine leaving me alone


11 August 2013

Where have you been

My distant friend

Scrolled thru your page

To where your timeline end

Saw the last pictures

You would ever get

Thru the internet


30 April 2013

When W builds his library,

I have a plan,

an old-fashioned 3-holer,

an outhouse set in quicksand.

A throne for Bush,one for Cheney,

one hole left for friend or dignitary....


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