07 November 2015

Drugs Still Used as Weapons Against Us

New Movies Allude to CIA’s Use of Drugs Against Protesters, Activist Musicians including Lennon, Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Cobain and Tupac.


Evidence supports...

04 November 2015

Official vote counts in Ohio indicate a major defeat for the nation’s first corporate-sponsored marijuana legalization referendum.
But it’s complicated.  
And the ultimate issue is far from settled, as...

01 November 2015


Since when did we decide that police officers should be above the law?

wo of the...

31 October 2015

If your name is Donald Trump, or Dick Cheney, or George W Bush, then don’t bother reading this.  This article is to help the rest of us to better understand how Donald Trump et al think.  The psychiatric literature has long known that...

31 October 2015

Sometimes when a mask comes off, the face you see is not pretty.

Wendy — the cute, freckled, red-haired symbol of the international hamburger chain — has developed a split personality in the years since founder Dave Thomas ran...

30 October 2015

So South Carolina has a special crime category called “disturbing schools,” which seems to be creating just that: disturbing schools. Very disturbing schools.

Not that I need to single out South Carolina. In my brief stint...


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