18 April 2016



There are two things we all need to know about the upcoming 2016 election:


  1. Millions of likely Democratic voters have already been stripped from the voter rolls in critical states like...

Beyond Start Trek movie poster
28 July 2016

What a tired retread this umpteenth rip-off of the brand Gene Roddenberry pioneered 50 years ago with 1966’s Star Trek TV series, is, directed and produced by the cinematic art form’s most overrated, overpaid colossal no-...

Donald Trump at podium looking sideways and stupid
24 July 2016

As the Democratic Convention opens in Philadelphia, there’s just one one clear message that matters from the Republicans: Donald Trump will be within ten points of Hillary Clinton in the fall election. 

Thus, unless the Democrats...

Black and white photo of three guys in recording studio
22 July 2016

Who knew? Before there was Fox-TV’s Empire, there was John Dolphin (Broadway veteran Stu James),who from 1948-1958 was an African American impresario and entrepreneur who pioneered “Race music” at a critical time...

Shoreline and nuke
15 July 2016

As worldwide headlines have proclaimed, California’s Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) says it will ...

Black & white photo of Mark Rudd
01 July 2016

Mark Rudd, who chaired Columbia University’s Students for a Democratic Society chapter and co-led the celebrated 1968 student revolt there and co-founded the ultra-left Weatherman, recently took part in a talkback following Home/...


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