14 February 2017

The solution to the presidency of Donald J. Trump is simple, if those of us who are decent, caring and responsible human beings will stand together and act as one. In opposition to every Trump legislative proposal passed into law by his...

03 February 2017

When Rachel Maddow finished a 26-minute monologue that spanned two segments on her MSNBC program last Thursday night, her grave tones indicated that she thought she’d just delivered a whale of a story. But actually it was more like...

03 February 2017

With two pen strokes, and just days into his administration, President
Donald Trump has already signed two executive orders signaling his intent
to be the most immigrant-hostile president in more than a generation.

29 January 2017

California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed killer Roundup as a carcinogen, although the corporation maintains that the product is harmless, according to a ruling by a judge in Fresno, California.

California would...

23 January 2017

What are the grounds for impeachment?

They will likely be piling up rapidly. President Trump did use Day 1 to...


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