05 June 2003
Countless crippled inches of soul crave release
     from civilization’s circular marching herd,
     metal shoed hooves pounding dirt and grass
     like ten-thousand Sioux drumming war
     punishing the silent...
05 June 2003
When I met him I didn’t know
but he told me with clenched fists

how men’s heads explode like chicken bones
crushed by rocks
and how rubber bullets hurt worse than real ones,

how homeless was...
05 June 2003
It’s a complicated organism,
Multi-celled, hairy
I find it quite sexy
With tits like missiles
An ass like man’s defeat,

I’ve heard it nurses it’s young
To full maturation
Without once...
05 June 2003
I. Learn to swim, or trust their life preserver around your neck…up to you It’s either sing along or
make new music,
get on your knees or
get aroused

I prefer standing to bowing
I like to see my...
12 May 2003
I find minority is a state of mind

when the TV feeds your child always on hate and lies
with a veiw that might only actually epitimize
your own life and times and what for
to buy just one more line 'round before you...

03 May 2003
When this war is over
the world will live in peace,
an uneasy peace
possible only just past
a massive flash of violence
making everyone take
a sad step back and say,
"oh my god what have we begun...


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