03 May 2003
When this war is over
the world will live in peace,
an uneasy peace
possible only just past
a massive flash of violence
making everyone take
a sad step back and say,
"oh my god what have we begun...
03 May 2003
Eye sockets roll down the red carpets,
Mute zombie pedestrians push traffic stand buttons,
Flags lay flat on the backs of young oafs' t-shirts,
DJs pump up the crowd with yankee doodle dandy whistles,
Fat mayors...
20 April 2003
In the end there will be no humanity.
There will be nothing left.

This is our fate
as we have chosen it.
This is the end
we strive to achieve.
Look at what we have gained and all that we've lost,...
07 April 2003
Tickertape parades streaming with anger and sorrow
The gross and global injustice and always the lies, damn lies…

To write a poem is to indulge myself --
My pain my sorrow? -- it's just not right.

14 March 2003
There is an American flag whipping
in the wind above them

They rarely see it
they are shut in
many cannot walk
others are blind

They spend many hours in bed
alone, un-cared for...
05 March 2003
I just want to crawl away
into some dark place
Where no war can touch me
No person can harm me
Somewhere so I can't
see the face
of those who blame
and judge
And stare at me with...


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