13 July 2016

Without Bernie Sanders on the ticket as the VP candidate, Clinton will
probably go down in flames. With him, Trump loses badly. On the other
hand, what a great VP he would be, because as President of the Senate, he...
13 July 2016

For decades, people have tried to fix the Democratic Party. They've imagined that their failings in this regard could be overcome by a greater effort. But it is hard to imagine anyone in the future mounting as significant...

02 July 2016


Brexit — the stunning British vote to leave the European Union — is a clear and dramatic rebuke of the country’s political and economic elites. A majority voted to leave even though the heads of the United Kingdom’s two major...

30 June 2016

This decision overturned former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell's
conviction, making it more difficult for the US government, even when it
wants to, to prosecute officials for public corruption.

The Supreme...

30 June 2016


“Our job is to pass the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party” –...
29 June 2016


Well meaning people just spent a quarter billion dollars on the Bernie Sanders campaign which continues operations while its candidate says he will vote for Hillary Clinton for president.

Let's put that in a little...


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