14 January 2002
Mainstream news accounts have finally fingered Battelle Memorial Institute, the spooky Dr. Strangelove Institute in Columbus, as ground zero in our domestic military-industrial anthrax scare. With five people dead and eighteen ill,...
29 November 2001
Mr. Speaker:

We have been told on numerous occasions to expect a long and protracted war. This is not necessary if one can identify the target- the enemy- and then stay focused on that target. It's impossible to keep one's...
28 November 2001
The Fall of Taliban regime from most of the parts of Afghanistan was something like a nation taking full breath after she had entered a sinister tunnel, whose other end they were desperately looking for since last five years of brutal...
08 November 2001
WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 (IPS) -- Major U.S. corporations are profiting far too much from the wave of patriotism that has swept the country since the Sep. 11 terrorist attacks, say civic, environmental and labour groups.

08 November 2001
A senior U.N. official expressed serious concern Tuesday over the erosion of human rights in the wake of the Sep. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Mary Robinson, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, told...
01 November 2001
Let there be light!” said God, and there was light!
“Let there be blood!” says man, and there’s a sea!

English poet, Lord Byron (1788–1824)

As US and NATO forces continues pounding Afghanistan with cruise...


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