Photo of Bonnie Raitt
21 August 2016


This article first appeared on Reader Supported News

Only so long you can keep this charade
Before they wake up and see they’ve been played

Black man and white woman sitting on a couch
18 August 2016

The Manson tribe was not the only wolfpack of murderous maniacs to inhabit a remote ranch in L.A. County in order to foment a helter-skelter race war in America. Before the U.S.A. entered World War II, Nazi sympathizers endeavored to...

Man with arms around woman's neck from the back
12 August 2016

In the same way that Bronx-born, Brooklyn-raised Woody Allen is the motion picture poet laureate of New York Jews, Mississippi-born playwright Tennessee Williams is the theatrical poet laureate of Southern white trash. The prolific two-...

You Know His Name with photo of Matt Damon
01 August 2016

Jason Bourne is the fifth installment in the Bourne film franchise derived from Robert Ludlum’s espionage novels that began with 2002’s The Bourne Identity. Ludlum’s original Bourne trilogy began in...

Beyond Start Trek movie poster
28 July 2016

What a tired retread this umpteenth rip-off of the brand Gene Roddenberry pioneered 50 years ago with 1966’s Star Trek TV series, is, directed and produced by the cinematic art form’s most overrated, overpaid colossal no-...


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