27 March 2016

Hillary Clinton’s credentials at being a neoconservative warmonger are equal to the Republican neocons. This is something she brags about in her book and by her public support of Henry Kissinger. This then makes her a great Democratic...

Line of people waiting to vote
25 March 2016

PHOENIX – During Tuesday’s primary election in Arizona, voters confronted lines lasting as long as five hours...

vote image
15 March 2016

A visit to the Driving Park Library polling site in Franklin County found that the presiding judge said that there the primarily black precincts had 24 provisional votes, between 5-10% of total votes at approximately 1pm.

At the...

15 March 2016

These are the initial voting problems reported to the Free Press.

Reports came in during early voting, prior to primary Election Day:

* The Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) (Columbus) "accidentally" mailed...

06 March 2016


I listened to Ralph Nader's Radio Program today.  He interviewed you and it was a fascinating conversation.     I know you will receive lots of comments, so I will make mine as short as possible.   The...


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