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15 March 2016

A visit to the Driving Park Library polling site in Franklin County found that the presiding judge said that there the primarily black precincts had 24 provisional votes, between 5-10% of total votes at approximately 1pm.

At the...

15 March 2016

These are the initial voting problems reported to the Free Press.

Reports came in during early voting, prior to primary Election Day:

* The Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) (Columbus) "accidentally" mailed...

06 March 2016


I listened to Ralph Nader's Radio Program today.  He interviewed you and it was a fascinating conversation.     I know you will receive lots of comments, so I will make mine as short as possible.   The...
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02 March 2016

Washington, D.C., March 1, 2016 – The nationwide nonpartisan Election Protection voter hotline,...

08 February 2016
As the New Hampshire primary lurches toward the finish line, the reality of electronic election theft looms over the vote count.    The actual computer voting machines were introduced on a grand scale in New Hampshire’s 1988 primary. The...


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