15 November 2005
Freep Heroes

The selfless good Samaritans who helped others in the wake of the hurricane

The numerous, often nameless and faceless Americans, who, unlike the Bush administration, rushed to the aid of those...
20 July 2005
Freep Heroes: Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus

With six out of ten Americans saying the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq, finally four key legislators introduced a resolution in Congress demanding that W begin to bring U....
21 March 2005
Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro

Ohio Attorney General James Petro has had a longstanding reputation as a political enforcer for the dirty practices of the Ohio Republican Party. Prior to...
23 January 2005

Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and California Senator Barbara Boxer

U.S. representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones courageously stepped forward and challenged the Ohio electors certified...
21 September 2004
Freep Hero: Michael Moore

While the New Democrats cower and tremble at the name Rove, Michael Moore prefers to simply pimp slap the neo-Nazi propagandist in his books on Bush and documentary Fahrenheit 911. Moore dared...
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