27 September 2017

By Dennis J. Kucinich, on Behalf of the Basel Peace Office
Remarks to the United Nations General Assembly, High Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

24 September 2017

Opening debate remarks at the University of Pennsylvania on September 21, 2017, on the following proposition: “Are America’s wars in Syria and Afghanistan just and necessary or have we lost our way in the use of military force,...

21 September 2017

Published below is the statement from Cho Young-sam, the South Korean citizen who self-immolated himself yesterday.

President Moon Jae-In is President of South Korea.

THAAD is "...

13 September 2017

The U.S. proposal for a U.N. resolution allowing “all necessary measures” to forcibly halt and inspect North Korean ships and to cut off oil to North Korea may send our species out the door with a culminating act that echoes and builds...


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