11 July 2015
Yes, I also want to say Free Mumia. In fact, I want to say Free all the prisoners. Turn the prison holding Mumia Abu-Jamal into a school and make him dean. And if you won't free all the prisoners, free one who has been punished to a level...
Photo of Amy Winehouse
08 July 2015

If you ever doubt the importance of good fathering, see Amy.

The documentary is about the sad life of Amy Winehouse (1983-2011), a British singer-songwriter whose name was almost synonymous with “self-destructive genius...

04 July 2015

“The existence of the approximately 14,000 photographs will probably cause yet another delay in the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as attorneys for the defendants demand that all the images be turned over and the...

The Irish Brotherhood book with photo of Kennedy brothers
03 July 2015

            I have been fascinated by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis since I was a young girl.  This fascination at times has spilled over on other members of her family, including the president.  Yet even I wonder if there is...

Lots of colorful pills
29 June 2015

“The pharmaceutical companies are an amoral bunch. They’re not a benevolent association.  So they are highly unlikely to donate large amounts of money without strings attached. Once one is dancing with the devil, you don’t...

29 June 2015

Two days ago an email came from an Iraqi doctor in Baghdad in response to a brief greeting I sent for the month of Ramadan.

“Thanks so much for remembering us…In fact we are the same if not worse.  Our hearts...


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