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Blue background white letters saying Government Shutdown and the edge of the capitol building in DC
22 January 2018

This week was the first of the year where we all knew what was going to happen. We sat waiting for the inevitable shutdown to begin. We were on tenterhooks...

Photo of black woman with shoulder length black curly hair wearing a black top with white collar smiling at the camera
15 January 2018

Everything above my shoulders is in agony. I’ve spent an entire week rolling my eyes, shaking my head, and gritting my teeth. I actually rolled my eyes so...

Older man with receding gray hair with a strange look on his face
14 January 2018

We are currently in the political twilight zone. Nothing concrete has been affected since the tax reform vote, and Congress hasn’t been back in session long...

Black background with gray letters saying 2017
31 December 2017

Thank Mother Earth 2017 is finally over. It was a year that chewed me up, crapped me out, made sweet love to me, punched me in the gut, stole my lunch money...

Young looking man with brown hair receding hairline against trees in background
09 May 2017

I could begin by stating that the world, despite small and justified protests, is celebrating Emmanuel Macron’s recent victory in the French presidential...

Donald Trump in suit with swirly gold around his head
28 April 2017

Thousands, possibly millions, of Americans have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment. They want to save the world by making him lose his job....