Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism Governance

The CICJ is an all-volunteer organization that publishes the Free Press ( Our mission is to conduct, sponsor, encourage, and support journalistic activity. These activities include research, investigation, writing, publication, distribution of materials, and creation of radio, video, art, and musical content that address contemporary social issues. CICJ Books in the organization's book publishing company. The CICJ assists in the publication of the Columbus Free Press newspaper and

Free Press Staff

Editor: Bob Fitrakis

Senior Editor: Harvey Wasserman

Executive Director: Suzanne Patzer

Board of Directors

President: Pete Johnson

Vice President: Connie Gadell-Newton

Secretary: Eric Neubauer

Treasurer: Michel Coconis

Marley Greiner

Juanita Brown

Gregory Gross

Simone Morgen

Mary Reiter

Mark Stansbery

Tim Chavez

Diane Roller


Bill Finzel

Margaret Sarber