News gets more bizarre every week. It was revealed that Mohammad (Kushner)
Bin Salman has spent a billion dollars to buy a home in France and one
Leonardo da Vinci painting and another half trillion dollars buying weapons from
US Corporations (whose only use will be to kill more Yemeni civilians).
More bizarre for me was that Mahmoud Abbas dutifully condemned the rocket
fired from Yemen in self-defense after Saudi Jets have dropped tons of US
and British bombs on Yemeni cities. Then we hear the Zionist puppets
Nimrata Randhawa (who changed her name to Nicki Haley) and the (orange)
bully Trump threaten countries who were about to vote at the UN based in
support of international law (which says Israel is an occupying power in
Jerusalem). Despite these bizarre threats, 128 countries voted with, 9
against, and 35 (shamefully) abstained (those who did not vote with
international law should be held accountable by their people so please
check how your country voted and challenge them). Nimrata and the Orange
puppets were really angry!! Their bosses in Tel Aviv were acting their
usual schizophrenic, superiority/inferiority self. Resistance forces around
the Arab World are growing. Collaborators are confused what to do (some are
privately calling me for advise about the best way to reclaim a resistance
heritage and step back from the  brink ;-).

On the ground, the world's 4th or 5th largest army (by weapons and by
manpower) who failed against Hamas and Hizballah went after more
Palestinian Children and unarmed civilians trying to hang on to our land
(again the superiority-inferiority complex would explain this). So they
arrested our friends Ahed Tamimi of Nebi Saleh (16 years old), her mother
Nariman, her father Bassem, and her cousin Nour after shooting another
cousin in the face (and injuring and abducting hundreds more in the last
week). I urge everyone to get informed then write to your elected officials
and to the mainstream media and to use social media to publicize the
injustices and demand freedom for all prisoners and for an end to the
colonization and apartheid in all of Palestine. Some calls for action to
release the Tamimi family and all child political prisoners: (102,000 signed
this avaas petition)
For those of you in the US, Israeli Embassy and Consulate contact
information is here:
For those of you in other parts of the world, Israeli Embassy and Consulate
contact information is here:

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