The solution to the presidency of Donald J. Trump is simple, if those of us who are decent, caring and responsible human beings will stand together and act as one. In opposition to every Trump legislative proposal passed into law by his Republican lapdogs in Congress, we will not offer lengthy and detailed complaints. Talk is not only cheap but it is often worthless, and it is always impotent when exchanged with someone not prepared to even listen to the thoughts of others. As reply to all probably illegal and certainly immoral executive orders signed by this septuagenarian toddler, we will never explain our opposition. Those who understand the deadly and worldwide threats presented by this man don’t need explanations, and for those who do not or will not understand, no explanation would suffice to change a single mind. All Americans who value not only their only lives but the very existence of America as a compassionate democracy and not a totalitarian state must respond with just one word, which we will repeat a thousand times if necessary. And we must be prepared to back up that single syllable utterance with the totality and unity of our actions.


That word is No.


No, Mr. Trump, we will not allow you to deny climate warming and the overwhelming human impact on it by your proclamations of “alternative facts”, the term you and your craven associates use for lies. We will not allow you to kill our planet. No.


No, Mr. Trump, we will not allow you to strip health insurance from millions of Americans. People who lose their insurance suffer, and die. No.


And, NO, Mr. Trump, we will not allow you to conceal the torture, commercial abuse and killing of innocent animals by removing such evidence from your Department of Agriculture website, an act reported in the Washington Post and accessible to anyone who loves animals and cares about their welfare at this link:

  USDA abruptly purges animal welfare