30 April 2014

As we enter another Easter Season, it's become all too obvious that if
Christ returns, those who hate in his name will slime him, then kill him.

Christ was a long-haired peace activist who would have been sickened to his soul by the war in Iraq.  "Blessed are the peacemakers"  Jesus said in his defining Sermon
on the Mount.  "Turn the other cheek...Love thy neighbor."

Such hippie-radical ideals are the "Christian" right wing's worst
nightmare.  The GOP would never tolerate an upstart like Jesus
gathering a following in the face of their corporate-fundamentalist
crusade.  These are self-proclaimed Christians who love power but would despise the
actual Christ, just as they love a Zionist Israel but believe 
actual Jews are doomed to Hell. 

In the wake of Jesus's inspiring life of non-violent rebellion, a
perverse liturgy weighted by twenty centuries of intolerant
bloodthirsty bigotry has erupted in his name.  Attacks on people of
color, on nations with oil, on humans of the same gender who love each
other, on youth who enjoy sex….all have become staples of a new
fundamentalist crusade doing in Christ's name things that would have
left him horrified. 

In large part through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus came to be viewed
as Divine because he spoke eloquently for a gracious, loving God. 

Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, George Bush and their 
corporate-fundamentalist minions speak to and for a very different kind
of God, one at war with the Deity described by Christ.

Bush-Rove's Master is a spiteful dictator, defined by hate and greed,
intolerance and hypocrisy. 

Christ kicked the moneychangers out of the temple.  Today's
Republicans have enshrined them.

Christ spoke of a God of compassion and joy. 

Today's "religious" right wingers worship Meanness of Spirit, a
greed-driven war-loving totalitarianism.  The only way to salvation,
they say is THEIR way, through a nature-hating Authority that tramples all Jesus

As Tecumseh, the great Shawnee spirit-warrior, allegedly shouted at William Henry
Harrison in the early 1800s:  "When Jesus Christ came upon the Earth, you killed him.  The son of your own God.  And only after he was dead did you worship him and start killing those who would not. "

If Christ came back today to resume preaching the Sermon on the Mount,
Karl Rove would slime him in the media, then kill him outright, then
turn his words into conservative hatespeak, then kill those who refuse to
follow in his name. 

If Christ came back to organize against Bush's war,
Rove's pet bloviators would shriek about Mary Magdalene.  Isn't that
her next to Christ in DaVinci's "Last Supper"?  Wasn't
she pregnant with Christ's bastard child.  Who let her catch his
blood dripping from the cross?

Rush Limbaugh would demand to how this 
"Son of God" could have a relationship out of wedlock?  Who was he to feed 
loaves and fishes to the undeserving poor, prolonging the
existence of inferior racial stock?  Who said he could attack those
moneychangers who are the Elect of God and the sponsors of Rush's air

Then O'Reilly would slime the Easter thing.  A self-anointed "peace
prophet" rising from the tomb?  Poppycock, he'd say.  Just another
pinko hippie terrorist conspiracy theory.   

But if Christ persisted, and built a following like, say, Martin Luther
King or Malcolm X, Cesar Chavez or Nelson Mandela…well….they'd kill

They'd blame a patsy, like, say the Jews, or the
terrorists, or the Willie Hortons.  They'd designate a straw man to take the
fall for the assassination. 

Rove would cloud his death in shadowy scandal.  Stories would surface
of unconfirmed debts.  Or tainted investments.  Maybe something about
hashish, no stranger to the region. 

Hannity would feature some jilted lovers.  There'd be rumors Jesus was
gay. Talk of a love triangle.  Ugly gossip about Mary and Judas.  False
leads about Jews wanting him dead.  New doubts about that "virgin

Whatever it would take to slime the sheen off an anti-war "Son of God"
and to turn his death tawdry, Rove would do. 

But would Jesus stand for the slaughter of 100,000 Iraqis in his name
for oil and dubious Biblical prophecy?  What would
Christ think about a president in love with the torture chamber and electric
chair?   What would Jesus, who hated hypocrisy, say about a
Bush who scampers back to prolong the life of a brain-dead woman, but who gleefully executed 150 people as governor and still more as president?  How would Jesus
cope with a self-proclaimed Divinity demanding the death penalty for

And what would Jesus say about torture in American prisons, where much
the same is being done to innocent inmates as was done to Christ
himself on the way to Calvary?  Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" could serve as a documentary of the daily torture and slaughter among the 2.2 million
prisoners held in the US military and civilian gulag, a barbaric prison
system that makes the Romans' seem benign by comparison. 

Systematic sexual abuse by both prison guards and Catholic priests? 
The wholesale slaughter of Iraqi children?  The debasement by corporate
money of both church and state? 

Christ would lead the non-violent charge against these cornerstones of
GOP rule---until Rove killed him.

What would Jesus do about gay marriage?  "Love they neighbor,"  he'd

What business is it of those who use his name, he would ask, to prolong
bigotry and intolerance just as 50 years ago those same cynical haters
claimed Biblical sanction for laws preventing people of different colors from
marrying one another.

Christ would never stand for such bigotry.  So Karl Rove would
have him killed.

Hitler claimed Christ was an Aryan supremacist.  Now Rove, DeLay &
company use him to sell dictatorial, greed-driven, gay-hating,
war loving hypocrisy. 

Easter says otherwise.  It should remind us that if Jesus returned
to preach the Gandhian love-thy-neighbor subversion with which
he challenged the Romans, Karl Rove would do what Pontius Pilate did. 

But Rove would be better at the spin. 


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