05 May 2014

As the Libertarian Party of Ohio's Executive Director Robert Butler
initially predicted on June 14th, another terror warning has been issued
for a swing state crucial to the Bush-Cheney re-eletion . This time it's
New Mexico.

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge just announced that the State of New
Mexico may become a terrorist target, but the information was
unsubstantiated and uncollaborated.

It's unfortunate that the current administration continues to issue vague
warnings. This only serves to increase the level of anxiety in states
crucial to the election of George W. Bush.

In June, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced a bomb plot for a
Columbus, Ohio shopping mall. The FBI later contradicted Ashcroft by
stating no target had been identified.

We again hope that the media reports these warnings for the scare tactics
they are.

For the full June 14th comments from Robert Butler, please see below:

Columbus Terror Target No Surprise

Anyone with an electoral map knows that George Bush must win in Ohio to
continue his Presidency. And Franklin county is the key to winning Ohio.
So it comes as no surprise to Ohio Libertarians that the Bush
administration has held a press conference today targeting Columbus.

Money laundering suspects linked to al-Qaida have been uncovered in cell
phone and jewelry kiosks in many major malls around the country and
represent a clear danger, but to emphasize cities crucial to the
re-election effort is despicable. And the Columbus economy could suffer
the consequences.

A Somali native living in Ohio has been charged with plotting with other
al-Qaida operatives to blow up a Columbus-area shopping mall, according to
an indictment unsealed Monday.

The four-count indictment, returned by a Columbus grand jury, charges that
Nuradin Abdi, 32, conspired with admitted al-Qaida member Lyman Faris and
others to detonate a bomb at the unidentified shopping mall after he
obtained military-style training in Ethiopia.

Attorney General John Ashcroft announced the indictment at a Justice
Department news conference and used the occasion to warn anew of
al-Qaida's threat.

"Current credible intelligence indicates that al-Qaida wants to hit the
United States and to hit us hard," he said. "We know our enemies will go
to great lengths to lie in wait and to achieve the death and destruction
they desire."

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Bush administration has
played politics with the war on terror. Outspoken Cleveland area talk show
host and former Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Nolan was recently
detained at the airport on his way to his party’s National Convention in
Atlanta, Georgia on Memorial Day weekend. Former Libertarian candidate
Aaron Russo was also detained on his way to a televised debate with Dennis

We fully expect more terror warnings, detentions, and arrests in cities
crucial to the election of George W. Bush and we hope the media will
report these election year scare tactics.