04 May 2014


About a year ago you were so kind to publish my letter to the democratic
candidates. There I called them a bunch of sissies telling them that it was
obvious they didn't want to win. Boy, was I right. The Convention was the
gathering of the ' His Majesty's Opposition'. Under the everwatching eye of
Tom Ridge, isolated from the people by barbed wires, police dogs and walls
the privileged slaves sang songs, swung back and forth, waved banners and
even gave speeches pretending to be free. How pathetic! None of the real
topics were even mentioned. The only person who brought a banner about
Peace, Medea Benjamin was thrown out. None of the party leaders came out to
speak with people. In fact, THERE WERE NO PEOPLE INVOVLVED.
Old lies and new lies. The Vietnam war was an abomination, nothing else.
There was no heroism there. Thousands, even millions died from what we
did. Eveyone, who went there was a part of it as well as everyone who sent
people there and that is the way it is now again with Iraq and Afghanistan.
No jingoism, no hand- waving will change that.
How about Paul Wellstone? His name was not even mentioned. In fact, nothing
was said about him. Wasn't his spirit supposed to be the one leading us to
victory? Not a chance.

Amen. As Denny De Vito said in none of his movies, ' you say it after
the prayer for the dead.' The Donkey is dead. The artificial puppet is
there and it pretends to be one, makes noises and asks for donations. But
it is over. What we see is the slaves ' reporting for duty' to the master
and the whip is cracking and the overseer is ready and the master can relax
and enjoy the benefits. What a shame. And we call ourselves a free country?