22 September 2014

The Voter Confidence Committee (VCC) of Humboldt County, California, an
election reform and watchdog group, announced today it will not accept as
conclusive any results from the special statewide election called for Nov. 8
by Governor Schwarzenegger. Citing the election reform platform of the
Voter Confidence Resolution, the VCC maintains that this election will be
held under conditions that do not ensure an outcome that is conclusive
beyond all question and indicative of the will of California voters.

"Until corporate money is removed from elections, voting systems are no
longer privatized, and vote counting is not done in secret, election results
in America can't be seen as beyond question," said VCC principal Dave
Berman. "And until these deficiencies are remedied in California, how can
we possibly have a basis for confidence in election results?"

The Voting Systems and Procedures Panel is scheduled to meet in Sacramento
on Thursday June 16th to rule on certification of voting equipment made by
Diebold and Elections Systems and Software (ES&S). Diebold has been under
heavy scrutiny for alleged employment of felons, internal memos discussing
programming loopholes, partisan fundraising activities of executives and
dozens of examples of vote tally discrepancies.

ES&S is partially owned by Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel. ES&S machines
counted over 80% of the votes that first put Hagel in office in 1996.
Combined, ES&S and Diebold count over 80% of the votes in U.S. national
elections and are run by brothers Bob and Todd Urosevich.

"We can choose to allow these blatant conflicts of interest, or we can
recognize that sensible laws prohibit them," says Berman. "Isn't it bad
enough that private corporations are counting our votes in secret? Does it
make any sense to use these machines when they don't even meet requirements
established by the state of California?"

In April, 2004 the CA Secretary of State's office issued a report stating
that counties throughout the state, including Humboldt, were using machines
lacking state certification, federal qualification, or in some cases both.

The Voter Confidence Committee is encouraging other public interest groups
to support the Voter Confidence Resolution by lobbying their local City
Council for its passage. "We must refuse to accept elections held under
conditions that can't and don't ensure conclusive outcomes and a basis for
confidence in the results reported," says Berman.

"When we begin to make this stand community by community, We The People will
have begun the process of ensuring the Consent of the Governed," Berman
added. "This doesn't need to be controversial. Elections must be
transparent, fairly executed, and lead to unanimous agreement about the
outcome. The system must be beyond question, period."

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