22 September 2014

You might be the one to help us crack this case.

At issue: A YES-NO question: Do Diebold touch-screens have a problem similar to that
identified in the Black Box Voting project in Leon County, Florida -- the devastating hack
of the Diebold optical scan system. Just a YES-NO question.

Black Box Voting has now obtained certain NEW specific information indicating that
the answer with the touch-screens will be ?YES.? One of our researchers has identified
an interpreter, which appears to be specifically prohibited by 2002 FEC standards, inside
a Diebold touchscreen system.

What is needed now is to confirm this finding with a "pedigreed" Diebold touch-screen
system ? ie., one to which we are given legitimate access with one of our publicly known
experts. We will have to show that what our protected source has found is also present in
a system delivered by Diebold for use in actual elections. This cannot be a stolen system,
a specially souped-up system (i.e. one that Diebold chooses), or a system used without
authorization of its custodians.

Please immediately make contact with those you know to see if you can facilitate a quick
YES-NO examination of an official Diebold touch-screen voting system anywhere in the
United States or Canada. We know what we're looking for. We know where it is. We
simply need to confirm that it is ALSO in one of the systems delivered to public officials.

Note that in July, Diebold sent ?threat? letters to its customers, warning them not to allow
examination of their systems. However, in December Black Box Voting was shown to be
correct when we alleged that there was executable code and an interpreter in the optical
scan machines/memory cards. Diebold lied, under oath and in writing, to secretaries of state
and purchasing officials about this. Now, the entire Diebold product line has been called
into question, and we believe our findings will soon spill over into other vendors' products
as well.

Following our demonstration in Leon County, Florida, California refused to certify Diebold.
Pennsylvania has now refused to certify Diebold. Diebold has now been dropped from
counties in Florida and Missouri. Diebold has refused to give its source code to North Carolina,
most likely due to the NC requirement that allows POLITICAL PARTIES to examine the source
code, which would risk revealing the problems exposed by the Black Box Voting projects
conducted with Harri Hursti and others.

If you may be able to help with this project, please call Bev at (206) 335-7747 or Kathleen at
206-354-5723 or the main office at (425) 793-1030 or send to bev@blackboxvoting.org.
Telephone or send an overnight letter (sent by Fed X but not U.S. Post Office, to 330 SW 43rd
St Suite K PMB 547 Renton WA 98055) The contents of our e-mail was penetrated by an
outsider in late November in connection with confidential plans for upcoming testing,
so we do not recommend that you contact us by e-mail for this particular endeavor.

The sooner the better. It is important to roll back use of ANY MACHINES WITH PROHIBITED
CODE well in advance of the 2006 elections, in order to allow local jurisdictions to make
other plans.