26 November 2017

A proposal by a California administrative law judge has given safe energy advocates new hope that two Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors will be shut...

23 October 2017

The raging fires and toxic smoke clouds pouring through Northern California can only be described as apocalyptic.

Were they sparked by Pacific Gas & Electric’s centralized grid?

And where are our federal...

21 September 2017



September 21, 2017



Mari Margil
Director, CELDF’s International Center for the Rights of Nature

06 August 2017

This is about a clean, environmentally benign, cost effective way to capture energy which is otherwise lost.

Cisterns are normally considered to be rainwater storage devices either underground, or at ground level. Also, cisterns...

04 August 2017

Two of the last four commercial nuclear power plants under construction in the United States—both of them at the V.C. Summer site in South Carolina—have been cancelled. A decision...


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