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Flier with faces  of men and women running for office with words Democratic Party sample ballot
05 October 2017

When you arrive at the polls this November 7, will you go in empty-handed? Or will you bring a list of candidates you prefer? As usual, the Franklin County...

Bald man with gray goatee at a official city meeting
01 March 2017

Why did Bryan Clark, who managed the anti-Issue 1 campaign last year, have a seat at the table at Columbus Charter Review Committee meetings? Last year...

Black and white sketch of old city hall
01 February 2017

The Columbus Charter Review Committee is considering possible recommendations for changing Columbus City Council. City officials announced the committee...

Kevin Boyce
02 November 2016

Although Kevin Boyce’s tenure as Ohio treasurer from 2009-2010 was riddled with scandal, Boyce claims he knew nothing about the corruption carried out by...

Kevin Boyce talking into a mic
13 October 2016

As a candidate for Franklin County commissioner, State Representative Kevin Boyce (D-Columbus) has questionable fitness for the position...

Columbus skyline
27 July 2016

If approved at the August 2 special election, Issue 1 will end Columbus’ seven-member city council whose members are all elected citywide (i....