08 March 2018

HELP WANTED: White House Aide(s)

The most...

02 March 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A Belorussian woman and her nine companions from
Russia and Belarus, who are in jail for sex-related activity in
Thailand, sent a letter to the U.S. Embassy pleading for asylum in
exchange for...

27 February 2018


onald Trump’s sole “philosophy” is personal profit. His real “party” is the mob. His mafia “don,” Vladimir Putin, is the world’s #1 crime...

26 February 2018


hen you stop to think about it, can you tell the difference between...

04 February 2018

he partisan uproar over the release of the infamous Nunes memo on FBI surveillance MUST be accompanied by the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns.

If Trump is to be consistent about openness in government and the...

30 January 2018

ll tortured explanations of Donald Trump and his Russian handlers can be boiled down to one simple word: Mafia.

He dare not...


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