23 May 2017

President Trump is in Saudi Arabia where he will instruct his puppets then
go to apartheid Israel where get further instructions from his masters. He
will do a token visit to Bethlehem Tuesday and desecrate the city of the...

07 May 2017


onald Trump’s latest insane excursion into US history has been to claim that his great hero, Andrew Jackson, might have prevented the...

Purple baseball cap that says Restore Sanity
07 May 2017

Also by Lila Garrett, Bob Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, David Swanson, Ilene Proctor, Jan Goodman, Jerry Manpearl, Myla Reson, Alan Minsky, Linda Seeley, and many more

The unthinkable is upon us.

A president of the...

04 May 2017
International Workers’ Day is commemorated worldwide annually on May 1 - except in America, where worker rights long ago were abandoned, corporate profit-making alone supported.   Trump ignored what May Day signifies,...


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