09 January 2018

Award winning journalist James Risen has...

03 January 2018


Who defeated the Islamic State In Syria?

Before answering that question. What is the ISIS? Can the public overcome its chronic amnesia and think back to the sudden appearance of ISIS dressed in brand new black uniforms,...

20 December 2017

Twenty-Seven psychiatrists and mental health experts have produced a book called The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, which I think, despite stating that the fate of the world is in the hands of an evil madman, understates the...

14 December 2017

Some say the world will end in Trump,
Some say in Pence.
From what I’ve heard out on the stump,
I hold with those who favor Trump;
For if he’s stopped they both might be....

04 December 2017
Everyone loves a good magic trick.  The magician Harlan Tarbell noted that magic is all based in the art of misdirection.  Misdirection is simply the form of deception in which the attention of the person is focused on one thing in order...


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