08 October 2015

“We tried to take a look into one of the burning buildings. I cannot describe what was inside. There are no words for how terrible it was. In the Intensive Care Unit six patients were burning in their beds.”

So said ...

23 September 2015
BANGKOK, Thailand -- China's harsh control over the ancient Silk Road
across the Taklimakan Desert found a friendly and seemingly naive
collaborator five weeks ago, when Thailand's coup-...
23 September 2015

In his just-released book, 'Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing out of Catastrophe', http://www.versobooks.com/books/1985-...

26 August 2015

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Police hoping to boost tourists' confidence
visited one of Bangkok's raunchiest red-light enclaves and described
the security situation to foreign men drinking beer with Thai bar

18 August 2015

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Security officials sifted through the grizzly
remains of victims and wreckage in the streets on August 18, but said
they did not know who detonated a powerful pipe bomb in the heart of

04 July 2015

It would be fair to assume that Gershon Baskin’s recent article in the Jerusalem Post - Encountering Peace: Obviously...


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