06 September 2016

As I read of the latest coup in Brazil, once again removing a democratically elected leader from power, my anger surged. Not again! However, as I see and read about the ongoing massive protests, as well as calls by...

20 August 2016


I realize that, living here in the United States, the nation doing the most in the world to create wars, proliferate nukes, and destroy the habitability of the earth's climate, I really have a duty to...

08 July 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's Constitutional Court has upheld a law
that metes out 10 years imprisonment to anyone who voices an opinion
about the junta's favored draft constitution, or campaigns for or

24 June 2016
  Whether Britain remains in the European Union or not will soon be decided.  However, the more important question should be, “Who will be Britain’s Bankers?”  The more important problem that arises with the election to exit or remain with...
29 May 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Free speech and pro-democracy activists, Thai
journalists and others are encrypting their telephone and message
conversations, shrinking their Facebook presence and finding other
ways to avoid...

24 May 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Coup-installed junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha
said he does "not violate any human rights" because he is not using
violence to enforce his edicts including a new crackdown against


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