14 April 2017

The Mother of All Lies is this: you can fix things by blowing them up. Alcoholics should not drink, and people who cannot watch TV and distinguish it from reality should not watch TV. Donald Trump watches a lot of TV and may very well...

27 February 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Alzheimer's and dementia can be triggered by
small silent strokes caused by high blood pressure, but "birthdays are
dangerous" and can be fatal for elderly people, warned a World
Federation of...

18 February 2017

Michael Flynn participated in mass murder and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, advocated for torture, and manufactured false cases for war against Iran. He and anyone who appointed him to office and kept him there should be removed...

15 February 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- President Donald Trump may strengthen
Washington's support for Bangkok's military government after sending
the head of the U.S. Pacific Command to open a 10-day Cobra Gold
military exercise on...

21 December 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's military government is consolidating
its control and skillfully handling the country's traumatic mourning
in the aftermath of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's death on October 13 at

27 November 2016



There’s a chapter in a new book by Dorothie and Martin Hellman called ...


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