03 July 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- When U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies
recently asked Bangkok's coup-installed military government to support
international sanctions against North Korea, he reflected concerns by

13 June 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's belief in
lying Vietnamese spies, "ghosts," "slicky boys" and "marketplace mush"
contributed to America losing its Vietnam War in 1975, according to

08 June 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- An American Buddhist nun said the U.S. Embassy
rescued her from Thai men who wanted to kidnap her, but they later
allegedly burned down her temple dormitory because she intentionally

07 June 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A chubby Thai woman sits on a plastic sheet on
the ground, meticulously hand-sewing colorful wristbrands embroidered
with the words, "CUNT PAIN" "FUCK MY LIFE" "FREE BOOM BOOM" and an
array of...

07 June 2017

In The Putin Interviews, a new series beginning soon on Showtime, Oliver Stone asks Vladimir Putin if he’s ever seen Dr. Strangelove. Putin hasn’t. So, Stone sits him down and shows it to him. Even Vladimir cannot...

01 June 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand -- When the U.S.-Vietnam War ended on April 30,
1975, a Central Intelligence Agency officer's two best military
sources committed suicide and an American diplomat endangered the
lives of escaping...


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