13 November 2018

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10 November 18


n case you missed it, US efforts to prolong ...

28 October 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The army's new commander-in-chief in a veiled
threat warned he may unleash a coup if people "create riots" against
the results of next February's promised elections.

The polls are expected...

04 October 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- If Thailand's U.S.-backed military government
allows an election next year, the junta leader and his supporters are
expected to dominate thanks to heavy censorship, an appointed Senate,

25 August 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The Pentagon has conducted its first army-to-army
exercise in Brunei along the strategic, contested South China Sea
after the U.S. State Department suggested obedience to the sultanate's

18 August 2018

Fascism is a disease, a delusion, a toxic worldview. It’s encouraged and manipulated by propaganda. Its characteristics are numerous and to various degrees widespread and long-lasting. At what point their combination in sufficiently...

14 August 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A defrocked Buddhist monk, extradited from the U.S., received a 114-year prison sentence for fraud and money laundering while police raided some of Thailand's most important...


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