16 November 2016


On October 9, I was in the Nevada desert with Catholic Workers from around the world for an action of prayer and nonviolent resistance at what is now called the Nevada...

12 November 2016

A former diplomat who writes about the two issues pushing the...

25 October 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Armed Palestinian "Black September" guerrillas
seized the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok, threatened to execute the six
Israelis inside and blow up the building, but suddenly surrendered
saying, "We...

17 October 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- King Bhumibol Adulyadej's death at age 88 on
October 13 has plunged Thailand into the deepest political and
emotional trauma in the lifetime of its people, breaking millions of

02 October 2016


In Africa, as in the Middle East, the US is creating a...

22 September 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's fearful and punished political
opposition is no immediate threat to the military's coup-installed
regime which is using arrests, re-education camps, censorship and the


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