19 April 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Millions of people staged the world's biggest
water fight celebrating a week-long holiday which ended on April 17,
during which traffic accidents killed 442 people and the military

03 April 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- When the CIA, Thai police, Chinese guerrillas and
others were linked to Southeast Asia's wealthy heroin dealers during
the 20th century, no one imagined fruit and vegetables would provide...

30 March 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's coup-installed military regime
announced a new constitution Tuesday allowing for an appointed Senate
including six seats for the security forces, plus a possible unelected

09 February 2016

BANGKOK, Thailand -- An American "cardiac electrician" who helped Dick
Cheney survive for 10 years and also eliminated nearly all of
Thailand's spooky Sudden Death Syndrome which killed mostly sleeping

13 January 2016

It has been argued that nonviolent struggles to liberate occupied countries – such as West Papua, Tibet, Palestine, Kanaky and Western Sahara – have failed far more often than they have succeeded but that secessionist struggles...

11 December 2015

BANGKOK, Thailand -- U.S. officials announced the arrest of Roger
Clark in Thailand for extradition to New York for alleged narcotics
and money laundering conspiracies when he worked at Silk Road, "a


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