07 December 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist-majority Thailand is about to become the
first Southeast Asian nation to legalize medical marijuana, hoping its
traditional secretive potions, stoner "Thai Sticks," inexpensive

17 November 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- China's government sent more than one million
majority ethnic Han Chinese to live uninvited in the homes of minority
Uighur families in Xinjiang province and report if the Muslims display

13 November 2018

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10 November 18


n case you missed it, US efforts to prolong ...

28 October 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The army's new commander-in-chief in a veiled
threat warned he may unleash a coup if people "create riots" against
the results of next February's promised elections.

The polls are expected...

04 October 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- If Thailand's U.S.-backed military government
allows an election next year, the junta leader and his supporters are
expected to dominate thanks to heavy censorship, an appointed Senate,

25 August 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The Pentagon has conducted its first army-to-army
exercise in Brunei along the strategic, contested South China Sea
after the U.S. State Department suggested obedience to the sultanate's


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