12 February 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's junta-appointed Election Commission
disqualified a princess from running for prime minister in next
month's polls, after her surprise candidacy displeased her powerful
brother King...

10 February 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Gene editing tools such as CRISPR are helping
researchers who hope to cure cancer and other problems involving DNA,
but "making embryos in a dish" is a much easier way to check for

08 February 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The death in South Korea of a World War II sex
slave "comfort woman" has reopened demands for Tokyo to pay more
reparations for allowing its troops to rape thousands of imprisoned
Asian women....

02 February 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- After nearly five years in power, Thailand's
coup-installed military regime will allow nationwide elections on
March 24 for a House of Representatives and prime minister. But
analysts and...

23 January 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's U.S.-trained military, unable to win
its 15-year-long war against Muslim Malay-Thai guerrillas, announced
it is considering "autonomy or special administrative arrangements" in

16 January 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A jailed Belarusian "huntress girl" and her
Russian lover, who together claimed to have incriminating audio of
Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort colluding with
Russians about...


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