30 September 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand has built what's described as the
biggest industrial-scale medical marijuana facility in Southeast Asia
with 12,000 plants, and will soon allow everyone to grow six cannabis
plants "in...

21 September 2019

In the years following 2003, the U.S. military dotted Iraq with over 500 military bases, many of them close to Iraqi cities. These cities suffered the impacts of bombs, bullets, chemical and other weapons, but also the environmental...

17 September 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- After destroying much of Tibet's Buddhist
religion and causing the Dalai Lama to flee, the Chinese government is
now teaching Tibetan monks that every "living Buddha" must obey the
law while...

05 September 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Cambodia's fugitive opposition leader Sam Rainsy
says he will return from France on November 9 to his Southeast Asian
homeland, where he faces at least 15 years imprisonment.

Not many...

14 August 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Unwilling to allow the public to get zonked or
profit from recreational marijuana, Thailand has instead produced its
first pharmaceutical THC and CBD oils, tablets, oral sprays, chocolate

04 August 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's August 1-3
appearance at a Southeast Asian foreign ministers' conference occurred
alongside his rival Chinese and Russian counterparts, with all three


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