16 January 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A jailed Belarusian "huntress girl" and her
Russian lover, who together claimed to have incriminating audio of
Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort colluding with
Russians about...

09 January 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The United Nations granted refugee status January
9 to a Saudi teenager who fled her country and barricaded herself in
Bangkok's international airport, claiming she would be executed for

07 January 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- China is constructing seaports at two sites where
the U.S. 6th Fleet deploys, in Haifa next to Israel's main naval base
and Ashdod near Tel Aviv, prompting concerns about China's military

19 December 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Tibet's government-in-exile cheered the U.S.
Senate's passage of an act demanding U.S. diplomats, journalists and
other Americans be allowed to freely visit Tibet, but Beijing warned

07 December 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Buddhist-majority Thailand is about to become the
first Southeast Asian nation to legalize medical marijuana, hoping its
traditional secretive potions, stoner "Thai Sticks," inexpensive

17 November 2018

BANGKOK, Thailand -- China's government sent more than one million
majority ethnic Han Chinese to live uninvited in the homes of minority
Uighur families in Xinjiang province and report if the Muslims display


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