29 March 2019

​​The head of NATO is visiting the White House and Congress next week to be publicly praised by the U.S. President and both big political parties. For more on how they love NATO, keep reading.

The foreign ministers of the NATO...

28 March 2019

So, I loves me some Greek mythology. Under the influence of Homer’s Odyssey and Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautika - especially inspired by the 1963 screen version of that third century B.C. epic poem called Jason and the...

28 March 2019

Should we save the planet or kill the enemy? 

Perhaps no question more succinctly separates the past from the future, or so it occurred to me after I read ...

27 March 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Coup-leader Prayuth Chan-ocha expects his
impressive wins in elections on March 24 will extend his prime
ministry, but anti-junta politicians are struggling to form a
coalition strong enough to...

27 March 2019

The progressive liberal Democratic-Republican hero was supposed to be handed the presidency in 1800, and instead there was a tie.

Somebody was going to have to pay. And the proper payment would be a charge of treason.


25 March 2019

Back before Donald Trump was inaugurated, I wrote an...


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