11 January 2019

War is the most underrated danger, crisis, and moral outrage to be dealt with.

Trump is the most antiwar president the United States has seen in decades.

As a dedicated peace activist, I believe Trump needs to be removed...

10 January 2019

Donald Trump and his base — the leftover scraps of Jim Crow, the broken shards of racist hatred that once were the American mainstream and made the country seem “great”...

10 January 2019

(Why? Because they have 1) actually looked at the overwhelming evidence disproving the official story and 2) they automatically distrust the US Government (and Big Business’s war-related industries) when they try...

09 January 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The United Nations granted refugee status January
9 to a Saudi teenager who fled her country and barricaded herself in
Bangkok's international airport, claiming she would be executed for

09 January 2019

It’s common to refer to a flick as a good “date movie,” but Nate Rufus Edelman’s Desert Rats is a great “date play.” Another thing I’ve never written before in a theater review is that this 90 minute tense drama with sharp...


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