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17 July 2020


Human nature as a central theme of philosophy


What is human nature? Are we humans good or evil? To what extent is the character of...

03 July 2020



I would like to announce the publication of a book, which discusses the excessive weight that our total human population and economy has...

10 June 2020



In written Chinese, the word “crisis” is represented by two characters. One of these, taken alone, means “danger”. The other, by itself,...

12 May 2020


Against the institution of war


The United Nations has designated the 16th of May as a day devoted to Living Together in Peace. It...

06 May 2020

Trump Threatens the future of human civilization


There is so much wrong with Donald Trump that one hardly knows where to start. He is a...

Hand holding a syringe
16 March 2020

The urgent need for a vaccine

Public health experts say that if the COVID-19 epidemic is not successfully contained, it could become...