15 March 2023

BANGKOK, Thailand -- More than 3,800 U.S. troops led 30 countries' forces and observers through Cobra Gold, the Pentagon's biggest Asian military exercise, trying to keep Thailand's coup-empowered army allied with Washington while...

15 February 2023

No doubt everyone grows old in their own way.

But once you actually hit it — that three letter word, “old” — watch out: “An aged man is but a paltry thing,/A tattered coat upon a stick . . .”

So wrote ...

21 December 2019

The Free Press Network presents; The Other Side Of The News [S01:E15]: Dr. Emma Briant - "The Maven of Persuasion"
With Dr. Robert Fitrakis & Dan Dougan As broadcasted LIVE in Columbus Ohio! on WGRN 94.1fm Fridays at 5:30pm!...

01 March 2024

Left to its own devices, Israel would never grant Palestinians their freedom. 

 In the past, some, whether ignorantly or not, claimed that peace in Palestine can only be achieved through ‘unconditional...

01 March 2024
The USA used 9/11 to further a hidden agenda with catastrophic results. Not only did we lose blood and treasure, we lost whatever moral high ground we once had. Israel needs to learn from our mistakes.

Leaders make choices in moments of...

01 March 2024

The Israeli genocide in Gaza will be remembered as the moral collapse of the West. 

 As soon as the Israeli war began, following the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation on October 7, every moral or legal frame of reference that Washington and...


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