01 April 2020

Acording to a Billboard interview Barbara has decided to add politics to her music. She's hgas written 15 for the Huffington post,...

09 June 2019

The Wallis Studio Ensemble’s The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a stage renditiion of Douglas Adams’ sci fi send-up that has been adapted for radio, books, television and the movies. This fast-moving 90 minute version minus...

23 July 2015

“. . . no real security, just powers of retaliation.”

This was Norman Mailer, four-plus decades ago, writing in Miami and the Siege of Chicago about the obsessive security measures – “helicopters riding overhead like...

02 March 2014
Twisted thoughts madden my soul while on my own Sporadic in its approach spun in my head bursting with Emotions, raging fire strikes at my heart in wreckage I cannot escape being felt yet I wish, to which magnitude Of earthly...
13 February 2014
In the star studded nightfall memoirs of me look intently
Your heart was out there blowing in the breeze of
The Spring, how have you become forlorn to picture
The Summer heated the earth frenzied and droughty?
26 January 2014
A flowing sensation on my mind waves a rising
To poems, awake to hear human heart beating,
Making it out of being, trance, agony and bliss
The shape of heart rejoices, shudders to verses
In perfect harmony...


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