10 September 2003

Shocked and awed, I was today, as I read the news of Americas way.
I wasn't reading the traditional sources, this info was from new discourses.
I read about the U.S.A., thier actions are different than what they...
05 September 2003
“for guns are the language of the strong to the weak”
-- Adrienne Rich, “Harper’s Ferry”

Look how blue the sky is
           she says
and I think
yes, here, but
it is night in Kabul
05 September 2003
(To America in the age of Ashcroft)

We live in the land of comfort,
too soft and satisfied to
understand the subtle threats that
chip away slowly
at the stony foundations of our love.
The tiny...
03 September 2003
Dark eyes and vague pronouncements,
a catalogue of mistrust
in his eyes like the cloudy sense
that time moves but life stalls,
that his whole moment
in the long history of existence is
no longer than the...
20 August 2003
Because he tried to kill Dubya's daddy
now we're planning on bombing Saddy.
Why should he sit on all that oil?
We'll suck it out from the desert soil.
Have no fear of collateral damage
when our military...
12 August 2003
Time's running out on death row
The masses need appeased
Appeals and pleas have all run out
The family's running out of sweet money
Money greases the wheels of justice
That's how so many guilty rich slip away...


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