06 April 2005
I celebrate your new robotic fleet,
the unmanned killer plane technology.
Behind a far-off screen controllers mete
out surprise attack on unsuspecting enemy.
They continue to war, denying defeat,
and punishing...
22 February 2005
Regard this man whose word stokes guilt or tears,
to mold our minds to mock his own.
His pronouncements flame our submerged fear
inventing villains that we must stone.

  Rush loathes compassion, preferring...
23 January 2005
Bush sent his soldiers solving the world’s disorder,
organized by the top dogs of business domain,
absolving crimes they’ve done inside our border.
They created Homeland Security to brashly arraign
19 January 2005
Bill Clinton lied about his whore,
which was his blasphemy and sin.
George Bush lied on the need for war,
defends it still with Karl Rove’s spin.
Which liar, I ask, has hurt us more,
weighing  the Iraq mess we...
25 December 2004
My president talks to God. He said so. It was on TV.
My president took us to war in Iraq;
He said there were weapons of mass destruction there.
None have been found
He said Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear...
27 November 2004
Concerns for poor will go away,
compassion ends election day.
Our kids are left with debt to pay,
A penalty that we deserve.  

The GOP knew how to win,
with web of  lies they still must spin
and we...


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