03 January 2007
Within the Walls of Freedom,
The sun shines so bright,
The colors are so many,
It all seems so right,

So many Arena Heroes,
So many Stars and Gold Icons,
Synthetic worship awards to all,
03 January 2007
I had a nightmare,
That the people of this Nation,
For the first time ever,
Will be in real despair,

That one day we will be judged,
By the color of our words in flair,
And not the contentment,...
20 October 2006
I don’t mind gas prices from war in Iraq
since I have three shares of Exxon stock.
so I am prepared for oil shortage shock.

Halliburton shares are now on my buy list
for their war profits prove hard to resist...
13 August 2006
I sent an e-mail to my friends
It took three years to make amends
I thought it bright, I thought it smart
They thought I was Bonaparte.

Oh my E-mail, you broke my heart
The one I sent for a new restart...
26 December 2005
I wish for you all as the New Year encroaches,
Bold and creative strategic approaches
To defeating the lies by election officials,
Whose major concern is filling their satchels
With bundles of goodies like payoffs...
30 October 2005
Mother of the American Civil Rights Movement

Tiny, fragile lady
Embracing the eight winds of:
Prosperity, decline, disgrace,
Honor, praise, censure,
Suffering and pleasure,
Graces the stage...


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