26 January 2014
A flowing sensation on my mind waves a rising
To poems, awake to hear human heart beating,
Making it out of being, trance, agony and bliss
The shape of heart rejoices, shudders to verses
In perfect harmony...
03 January 2014
If my moans made your core showery
I'd roar more over day and night
It heals a muster of my anguish
All I know you cannot sojourn
On cloud nine leaving me alone

With pleasure shadows my pain...
11 August 2013
Where have you been
My distant friend
Scrolled thru your page
To where your timeline end
Saw the last pictures
You would ever get
Thru the internet
To the TV set
Of my mind
Now they...
30 April 2013
When W builds his library,
I have a plan,
an old-fashioned 3-holer,
an outhouse set in quicksand.
A throne for Bush,one for Cheney,
one hole left for friend or dignitary.
Could be Powell,Bolton or...
02 December 2009
Yo, wake up texters, listen in,
Uncle Sam's after more boogeymen;
Dubya left Barack in a terrible jam
Way over in Afghanistan.
So put down your iPhone and pick up a gun,
We're gonna have a whole lotta fun....
28 November 2009
I voted for Obama/ I voted against McCain/
Yet somehow I voted Republican/ So will someone please explain/
How "Yes We Can..." Went on to Be/ "...Wage the war indefinitely"/
How all us peaceniks working phones/ Led to...


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