I voted for Obama/ I voted against McCain/
Yet somehow I voted Republican/ So will someone please explain/
How "Yes We Can..." Went on to Be/ "...Wage the war indefinitely"/
How all us peaceniks working phones/ Led to murderous predator drones/

How all our grassroots small donations/ Led to gifts for corporations/
How all the debt that had us troubled/ Suddenly is more than doubled/
What just happened? I forget/ But I know I don't have healthcare yet/
I know the military's plan/ Is a troop surge in Afghanistan/

And here's another scary fact/ He wants to extend the Patriot Act?!?/
So as I send this to Freepress/ Some CIA wonk will assess/
And put me on the commie list/ Of people who are fucking pissed/
Yes now it all seems very strange/ All that talk of hope and change/

Who elected George Bush III?/Oh my Goddess, it was me/