13 May 2024
So Soon We Forget

I offer these thoughts because I'm told by many that people, especially young folks, have little to no memory or knowledge of these essential learnings from Chernobyl and Fukushima.  Understanding these...

28 April 2024
For the first time since 1954, no large new atomic reactors are under construction or on order in the United States.
On March 1, 2024, Vogtle Unit 4...
18 April 2024

They explore the absurd $15 billion scam to bilk state and federal taxpayers and ratepayers to pay for re-starting Michigan’s Palisades reactor. 


Sam Randazzo
10 April 2024

Sam Randazzo was once the Chair of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

Now, at 74, he’s dead by apparent suicide. 

As is the “Nuclear Renaissance.” 

Dating back many years, we often encountered Sam at...

01 February 2024

Climate advocates on Monday asked the California Supreme Court to reverse a new rooftop solar panel policy in the state that the groups say has proven "irony is alive and well," as the policy is impeding the expansion of renewable...

04 January 2024

Sustainable ecological value monetized will have profound four-fold global benefits. Creating sustainable ecological value is the easiest path toward quickly mitigating climate change, expanding ecological global economic growth,...


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