Electric car charging station
29 March 2023


  • 2022 saw record growth worldwide for renewable energy with China providing about half of all renewables installed globally. 

A recent report demonstrates that renewable energy has grown 9.6...

24 March 2023

In its home-page on World Water Day, 2021, the United Nations pointed out the following facts:

Today, 1 in 3 people live without safe drinking water.

By 2050, up to 5.7 billion people could be living in areas where water is...

23 February 2023

Seismic shocks such as those devastating Turkey and Syria could be turning California into a radioactive wasteland as you read this.

They could shake the two decrepit atomic reactors at Diablo Canyon, near San Luis Obispo, into...

26 January 2023
The California Energy Commission has made it clear that their reason for advocating keeping the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station open an extra five years (or perhaps 20 extra years) has to do with rare, short-lived, peak load periods...
16 January 2023

The nuclear industry has been selling the world a story that nuclear power is a solution to climate change because it does not generate carbon dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas. How this deceptive marketing has become...

06 December 2022

The Ohio Legislature must not pitch billions more taxpayer dollars down the atomic rat hole.

Instead—-without spending a single cent—-it can make the Buckeye State the hugely profitable world capital of wind power.

It can be...


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