03 May 2022

The latest stab at reviving nuke power is mocked by the actual reactors.

Today 93 are allegedly operable in the US, more than 400 worldwide….including the 15 in Putin’s Ukraine crosshairs, plus four lethal corpses at Chernobyl....

09 March 2022

In this special emergency edition of the SOLARTOPIA GREEN POWER & WELLNESS SHOW we confront the horrifying realties of the fifteen Ukrainian nuclear power plants now teetering on the brink of the Apocalypse.


10 February 2022

Pssst . . . here’s a little secret. Don’t tell anyone, OK? It might cause trouble.

In recent years, there have been more than a thousand lawsuits filed around the world — including a few in the United States — challenging...

18 January 2022
As nuke power collapses in France, Germany and Georgia, only YOU can save solar power in California.
A corrupt California Public Utilities Commission has sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom a death warrant for...
10 December 2021

Amidst our ever-escalating climate Apocalypse, the viral insanity of atomic power gets ever worse. Now it’s spread deep into the Biden Administration, with no apparent cure in...

01 December 2021

“Protecting the border” is essentially the same thing as protecting your own property, right? You’ve got to protect it from invaders, thieves — lawless jerks who want what you have.

If you’re rich and paranoid, then you have no...


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