03 July 2024

While walking through the woodlands of the Black Hills, Chase gives us an astonishing narration about the need to free Leonard Peltier.

In a brilliant, uniquely moving discourse, Chase takes us through the ordeal of Indigenous...

01 July 2024

Humanitarian aid should never be politicized though, quite often, the very survival of nations is used as political bargaining chips. 

 Sadly, Gaza remains a prime example. Even before the current war, the Gaza...

26 June 2024

After twelve years — including five years of solitary confinement at Belmarsh Prison in London — Julian Assange is free. God bless America! He wasn’t extradited to the U.S. to stand trial, where he faced a sentence of 170 years in...

25 June 2024

Why Palestine matters: The most important moral test of our time
[References at end]

This was said 30 years ago: “This is a unique colonialism that we’ve been
subjected to where they have no use for us. The best...

14 June 2024

Dear friends (read, disseminate, and act)

It is hard to sleep these days especially in besieged bloodied
Palestine...the scenes of horrors in the Gaza Strip (and increasingly
spreading in the West Bank) are far too...

02 June 2024
    "in the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but we will
remember the silence of our friends"

The genocide, ecocude, and scholasticide in Palestine continues. The
Israeli regime ignores calls from the...


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